vdsNode* vdsClusterOctree (vdsNode **nodes, int nnodes, int depth)

Build an octree over the given leaf nodes using vdsClusterNodes()


Build an octree over the given leaf nodes using vdsClusterNodes(). Takes an array of vdsNode pointers that represent vertices in the original model (i.e., leaf nodes in the vertex tree to be generated). This array is partitioned into eight subarrays by splitting across the x, y, and z midplanes of the tightest-fitting bounding cube, and clusterOctree() is called recursively on each subarray. Finally, vdsClusterNodes() is called on the 2-8 nodes returned by these recursive calls, and clusterOctree returns the newly created internal node.
nodes - An array of pointers to nodes to be clustered.
nnodes - The number of leaf nodes to be clustered.
depth - Depth of the tree; always set to zero when calling this function

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