VDSlib Reference Manual

VDSlib: The Basics
An introduction to the View-Dependent Simplification library.
Building the vertex tree
Routines for constructing the VDSlib vertex tree.
Dynamic vertex tree maintenance
Routines for controlling simplification at run-time.
Budget Based Simplification
Given a triangle budget render the best simplification.
Rendering the current simplification
Routines for rendering the vertex tree.
Vertex tree file I/O
Routines for reading and writing vertex trees.
Standard callbacks: folding/unfolding nodes
Simple example criteria for simplifying the vertex tree.
Standard callbacks: rendering nodes
Simple example routines for rendering the vertex tree.
Standard callbacks: testing node visibility
Simple example criteria for vertex tree visibility culling.
Standard callbacks: common routines and variables
Common routines and globals used by the standard callbacks.
Standard library: a simple octree-based clustering algorithm
Routines for building a VDS vertex tree using a VERY simple octree-based clustering scheme.
VDSlib macros
Some important macros used to configure VDSlib.
Manipulating vdsNodePath structures.
Macros for examining and changing the path to a vdsNode.
General-purpose utility routines
Debugging and utility routines used throughout VDSlib.
These pages document the View-Dependent Simplification library by David Luebke. VDSlib provides a simple, flexible framework for dynamically simplifying polygonal models as a viewer moves through a 3-D scene.

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