VDSlib macros

Some important macros used to configure VDSlib.

VDS_MAXDEGREE defines the maximum degree of vertex tree nodes
VDS_CULLDEPTH defines the depth to which the vertex tree is culled
Define VDS_DOUBLE_PRECISION to make everything double precision
These macros are defined in the main header file for the view-dependent simplification library. VDS_MAXDEGREE sets the maximum degree of the vertex tree. For example, a tree built by octree-style clustering has a maximum degree of 8; a tree built by progressive edge-collapse operations has a maximum degree of 2. At the moment VDS_MAXDEGREE only affects the number of bits used in the vdsNodePath (see VDS_64_BITS), but eventually VDSlib will include special optimizations for binary trees (VDS_MAXDEGREE = 2). Currently VDSlib only supports setting VDS_MAXDEGREE to 2, 4, or 8.

Define VDS_DOUBLE_PRECISION to make all floating-point numbers used by VDSlib (i.e., vdsFloats) double-precision. This is highly recommended if you are dealing with complex models; on many modern architectures double-precision arithmetic is the faster option anyway.

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