Standard callbacks: common routines and variables

Common routines and globals used by the standard callbacks.

vdsVec3 vdsViewPt
Position of the viewer
vdsVec3 vdsLookVec
Direction of the viewer's gaze
vdsFloat vdsFOV
Field of view, in radians
vdsFloat vdsInvTanFOV
We precompute 1/tan(FOV) for speed
vdsFloat vdsThreshold
Fraction of FOV which a node must cover to avoid being folded
Tell VDSlib the current field of view, in radians
Tell VDSlib the current viewpoint
Tell VDSlib the current "look vector"
Set the simplification threshold for the standard simplification callback
Common functions and global variables used by the standard routines provided by the view-dependent simplification package.

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